Frequently Asked Questions

Who are My Rent Rewards?

My Rent Rewards is a new cashback app for tenants to earn money towards their rent as they shop. The app and the website are a closed platform just for validated users. If you’re a retailer, you should Contact Us to find out more about how we can partner up with you.

Who is the app for?

The My Rent Rewards app is mainly targeted at tenants in the UK, who can benefit from cashback on the rent they pay as well as many offers from retailers. If you are a retailer you can also profit from the app as you’ll be able to find a wider audience for your products, promotion codes and other special offers.

How do I download the app?

Download now from the App Store or Google Play Store.

What are notifications?

My Rewards App offers you notifications for promotions and deals by our affiliate merchants. We also have general announcements about the app or notifications from your landlord. Notifications can be accessed in the top left-hand corner of the screen by clicking on the bell icon.

What are rewards?

Rewards are special offers, additional benefits or other incentives that retailers and merchants use to increase your interest in shopping with them. At My Rent Rewards, we carefully select the merchants we work with in order to offer you the best rewards with the highest gain for you as a consumer.

What are the voucher codes?

Voucher Codes are a special series of characters that can be input into the cart when checking out to gain discounts when you shop.

How secure is my personal and sensitive data with the My Rent Rewards app?

We want to make sure that all your data is 100% safe. Therefore we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as an organisation that processes personal data and we are legally obliged to abide by the Data Protection Act 2018. You can find us on the ‘Register of Fee Payers’ and see our entry:

How do I earn Cash-back on My Rent Rewards?

Once you link your cards to My Rent Rewards, tap on ‘CardLink’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and you’ll see all the offers available that you can earn.

How do I find the brands and partners you work with?

Tap on the ‘Brands’ icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to see all the brands we work with.

Tap on the blue bar on top that may already have a brand name in it and a drop down will appear, listing the brands we work with.

Scroll >> select your chosen brand and a listing will come up with a variety of offers from that brand.

When choosing an offer this will display the merchant’s page where you can tap on ‘Visit Merchant’ to go to their website and take advantage of the cash-back offer.

How do I set a goal?

In order to set a goal you need to go to your Profile, by tapping on the icon at the bottom right-hand corner.

The Goal amount is on the top left-hand side in the red circle. Tap on it and enter the goal amount you want to set for yourself.

You can always see how much of your goal you’ve achieved by either looking at the teal ‘Reward’ circle in the top right-hand or by going to the rewards screen at the bottom left hand corner where there is a teal oval at the top of the screen.

How can I benefit from using the My Rent Rewards App?

If you are a tenant there are a number of benefits that you can take advantage of at My Rent Rewards.

These include:

- It’s FREE to use
- You can earn cash-back when shopping to save money towards paying your rent
- Link your bank cards to earn extra rewards
- Get voucher codes to use in many UK retailers
- Pay your landlord via the app so it becomes your one-stop shop for everything rent-related.

How do I pay my rent via the app?

There are two ways in which you can pay your rent via the app. To find them, go to Settings (from the cog icon on the top)

Then click on ‘Payment Options’

Here you can either:

1) Pay directly to your landlord via their website or bank account (you need to register your landlord first)

2) You can ‘Release Payment’ to your landlord by using the funds you have generated via the app. When you tap this option our team will receive a notification and will release the funds to your landlord.

How do I register on the My Rent Rewards app?

After you have installed the My Rent Rewards app, you will see some intro screens showing you what it’s all about.

Click ‘Register’ and you’ll be able to go through the sign-up process and create your account. Once you’ve submitted all the information, we’ll send it to your landlord to verify (this might take up to 3 working days). We have a full database of landlords, so you needn’t worry about this part.

How do I set up notifications?

When you go through the registration procedure you’ll see the ‘Marketing Consent’ screen. Here, you can indicate whether you would like to receive regular push notifications from My Rent Rewards team or from your Landlord.

You can always go back to modify your Marketing Consent settings by tapping on the cog icon on the top right-hand side of your screen and then Settings >> Marketing Consent.

How do I get rewards?

In the app, tap on the rewards icon at the bottom left-hand side of the screen and you’ll be taken to the ‘Rewards’ section where you can see all your currently available rewards. If you’d like to benefit from any of them, tap on the individual reward to find out more and to gain the reward.

When do I use vouchers?

Similarly to ‘Rewards’, you can also tap on the bottom of the app screen to open your available vouchers from the many merchants we work with.

Once you’ve chosen a voucher you want to use, just tap on ‘GET CODE’ and you’ll be taken to the merchant’s website where you can retrieve your code and continue shopping. Don’t forget that you’ll earn cash-back every time you shop!

Why should I link my card to the app?

The best way to get your cashback and rewards hassle-free is to link your card/s to the app. Just tap on Settings >> Link Card >> Link my Card Now and follow the easy steps to link your card.

What is my Rent Account Number and why do I need to give it to you?

Your rent account number is a unique reference made from a combination of numbers and letters on your tenant’s agreement that helps us identify you and verify your account so you can benefit from all we offer at My Rent Rewards. After your initial registration, you can see your Rent Account Number by tapping on ‘Profile’ in the navigation bar on the bottom of your screen.

How can I contact you?

If you need to contact us you can do it either via the app - Go to the top right hand corner, click on the cog icon, and then tap on help.

This will bring up a variety of options in which you can use the desired method to contact us.

Or you can go to our website >> Contact Us and use the contact form to send us a message. We’ll be sure to get back to you and answer your enquiry as fast as possible.

How much does it cost to use My Rent Rewards?

There are no costs associated with using the app for tenants! All you need to do is SHOP!